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Content maintenance is a huge task that requires constant vigilance. It is important for content teams to keep their resources up to date by reviewing them at least once a month, and additionally every quarter. This ensures content stays current, accurate, and valuable. It also helps improve the user experience by removing dated resources that are not relevant to users thereby reducing clutter.

New Features

Vital Statistics

The latest feature to be added to the CLP is Vital Statistics. This powerful tool provides users with up to date analytics about active users, bulk completion rates, geographical data, and overall performance of the CLP. These statistics can help guide your content team’s decisions when updating, changing, or removing resources from the CLP.

Start leveraging this powerful tool by heading over to the Vital Statistics page.

Best Practices
Getting Started

Once per month, review your Landing Page with your content team. Once per quarter, review your program’s content.

Start with News Posts – these are usually time sensitive and most likely to be out-dated.

Next, tackle your inventory of Knowledge Park resources. Knowledge Park resources live forever and therefore need regular attention.

Finally, review training courses. Most training courses automatically expire once a class is over; however, there are some self-paced, online classes on the CLP that need to be reviewed for relevance and value.

Here is a helpful Content Maintenance Rubric to assist with identifying dated content.

The Importance of Priority

Since August 2016, CLP content teams have been adding TONS of excellent learning resources and events to the CLP which can make identifying effective content seem like a daunting process.

There are several tools available on the CLP to make this process less daunting. The first is the Statistics tool; this is built into every Learning Activity and delivers Content Teams with valuable performance metrics of their activities and user engagement.

The newest tool on the CLP is the Vital Statistics page. This tool allows content teams to see real-time analytics of what is happening on the CLP.

When paired together, these tools provide content team and authors with powerful analytics that can drive conversations and allow them to make data driven decisions regarding their content. 

You’ve Found Bad Content – Now What?

Your team’s content review is in progress, and your team has discovered some resources that need work. You have three potential courses of action:

Two hands hold a tablet reading "Update in Progress" with a load indicator up in the air.

  1. Update – choose this action for resources that are outdated, have a broken link, etc.
  2. Archive (known as “trashing” in WordPress)* – choose this action for resources you want removed from the site but still accessible to your team.
  3. Delete – choose this action for resources you want permanently removed from the site.

*IMPORTANT:  Items that have been trashed/archived will remain archived for 6 months – once the 6 month period is over, the content archived will automatically be deleted by the WordPress system. Once it’s deleted – it’s gone. Site administrators will be unable to restore this content.

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