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Looking to add to the CLP? How do you start creating educational CLP materials?

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A uniformed park employee sits at a computer desk with five monitors.The Content Authoring Training Series has been specifically designed for rapid content publishing on the CLP, yet ensures your content is educationally sound. Through the training series, you will learn how to create CLP content by planning educational material and adding learning activities, knowledge park articles, news posts, training events, and more!

Be sure to join the CLP Content Strategy Group and the CLP Websites, Updates & Maintenance Group. Other CLP Content Author experts would love to help you and share their stories!


Content Planning
Do you have too much or too little material? The first step to creating great educational content is planning. The CLP offers a verity of channels to help you deliver different content types and engage the audiences you have in mind. The Planning Offerings can help you identify and align content to your audiences, develop a content strategy, and design educationally sound learning content.
Planning Content for the CLP. Not sure where your content belongs in the CLP? In this learning activity, you’ll learn how to contribute content to the CLP and create a CLP Content Plan.
Writing for the Web. Do you have content, but aren’t sure how to present it on the CLP? The Distance Learning Team offers this educational offering to help make your content understandable, scannable, and searchable.
Content Design
CLP offers rapid development templates for all of your content. Whether you are creating a news or training event, learning activities or information and education to share from the knowledge park, the CATS Design offerings can help you design educationally sound content that is targeted for rapid performance support.
508 Compliance on the CLP. It is imperative that you and your content team create content that is 508 complaint. This Knowledge Park resource will help you understand how to keep your content compliant. 508 compliance rules may impact your content design.
Designing Content for the CLP. Need a quick-start to create performance support training? In this one-hour webinar, you will learn best practices when designing your CLP content and create an educationally sound outline for your first learning activity to help get you started! Contact the CLP Team to schedule a webinar.
Content Development
Don’t wait another moment! Begin developing your CLP educational material today. Through the hands-on workshops, you will create content using the CLP templates and rapid development methods provided by the CLP Team. Join the hands-on workshops where you can begin building your content and set deployment goals.
508 Guidance for CLP Video Content. Any visual media—including recorded webinars—shared on the CLP must be closed captioned and audio described. This offering will show you how to make your video 508 compliant.
Technical Guides. Step-by-Step Instructions for Content Authors and Approvers

Content Maintenance
Don’t let good content get old or old content get lost. The Maintenance offerings provided by the CLP Team and learn how to keep your content fresh, curate current content into fresh offerings, and develop both a short and long-term maintenance plan.
CLP Content Maintenance. Content maintenance is a huge task that requires constant vigilance. It is important for content teams to keep their resources up to date by reviewing them at least once a month, and additionally every quarter. This ensures content stays current, accurate, and valuable. It also helps improve the user experience by removing dated resources that are not relevant to users thereby reducing clutter.

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