Conserve O Grams


Conserve O Grams are short, focused leaflets about caring for museum objects, now available online. With the introduction and acceptance of new techniques and practices in museum collections preservation, broad policy documents may not provide the most current or detailed instruction required for the ongoing daily care of museum objects. Conserve O Gram technical leaflets are published to ensure up-to-date information is available and to guide and assist park staff in carrying out, in a professional manner, projects identified in collection management planning documents. New topics are added as needed and out-of-date issues are revised or deleted. Semiannual supplements will be issued for an indeterminate period.

Additional Information

Who will benefit by reading Conserve O Grams?
Both experienced and inexperienced museum staff responsible for the care and use of museum collections.
Interested individuals who have collections of fine arts, furniture, ceramics and glass, leather work, books and papers.

How can the Conserve O Gram series help you take care of your collection?
You will learn specific procedures, techniques and materials to care for your objects.
You will receive resource lists including basic suppliers and bibliographies.
You will keep up-to-date on museum and archival techniques and practices.





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