Connecting Youth to Parks Guidebook


This downloadable, printable, and thoroughly sharable Connecting Youth to Parks guidebook was created to “help youth organizations find information to plan a visit” to a national park (whether that visit in in-park or a virtual visit). If you’re an NPS employee or volunteer, you can use this guidebook to help your partners maximize their visits to national park. Use this as a jumping off point as you help youth organizations plan visits to your park.

What you’ll find

The preparation tips outlined by the guidebook include (each step has an accompanying explanation of how to do it in the guide):

  • Explore the website of the site you’re planning to visit (especially the Plan Your Visit section)
  • Make any necessary reservations for camping and/or lodging in the national park you plan to visit
  • Download driving directions and maps
  • Take a virtual tour of a national park, monument, historic park, or other NPS site
  • Explore the National Park Service on iTunes University
  • Find out about Fee Free Days

The guide also includes similar tips and how-to’s for what to do during your visit to a national park.

Reflection Questions

  1. What youth agencies that you partner with might benefit from this guidebook?
  2. What could you do to provide more context for the youth agencies you partner with which would help them maximize their use of this resource (and their visit to your park)?

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