Archives of the Connected Conservation Webinar Series


Landscape conservation (also called “large landscape conservation” or “landscape scale conservation”) brings people together across geographies, sectors, and cultures to collaborate on conserving our important landscapes and the myriad ecological, cultural, and economic benefits they provide. This highly collaborative practice embraces the complexity of working at scale to connect and protect our irreplaceable landscapes – across public and private lands, and from our cities to our wildest places.

The Network for Landscape Conservation partners with the National Park Service to offer the Connected Conservation webinar series. Monthly webinars highlight topics and tools aimed at furthering the practice of landscape conservation. Explore both archived past webinars and upcoming webinars to learn about innovative work underway in the field across the continent.

Topics from past webinars include:

  • Operation Pollination: Using National Heritage Areas to Help Pollinators
  • Wildlife Connectivity Near Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Light Pollution: The Evolution of Dark-Sky Conservation
  • Engaging Local Stakeholders as We Scale Up Conservation
  • Conserving the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
  • Mapping the Indigenous Cultural Landscape

Videos are generally 40 minutes – 1 hour long.

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