Committing to NPSNext

Commit to NPSNext

Icon of five hands in a circleStep 3. Commit – Finalize and share your NPSNext strategic plan

Now that you’ve had the powerful conversations with the people who work in your program or park, it’s time to distill it all down to a vision. In this phase of the process, you’ll compile and edit the shared values and key actions that rose to the surface during the workshops. You’ll also begin the work of communicating these new commitments.

Pulling it all together

Step 3.1 Compile, revise, and edit elements of your NPSNext strategic plan. You’ve done the hard work of having rich conversations about your future direction. Use the NPSNext Word Template to refine the text and get your draft plan ready for design.

Step 3.2 Gather photos and add final text to the InDesign template. If you have the skill and InDesign software, you can use this NPSNext InDesign Template with associated files to format and create a polished version of your plan. If you lack the skill or software, contact Denver Service Center to finalize your plan for a nominal fee.

Step 3.3 Print and distribute completed plans, and /or publish online. Determine how you want to share you plan with your staff and others. Before publishing, make sure it is 508 compliant. Once complete, fill out this form to get your plan added to this page.

Step 3.4 Communicate your plan to your partners and other stakeholders and discuss how they fit into the actions. NPSNext is mostly an internal process and document, but if your partners weren’t involved in earlier stages of planning, now’s the time for them to identify shared actions. Use the NPSNext PowerPoint Template to brief partners and stakeholders on your plan and to spark conversation about their involvement.

Once you’ve completed Steps 3.1 through 3.4, move to Step 4. Sustain Your Plan

What does a shared vision look like?

You can start to imagine what your action plan might look like by checking out the work of others. A few parks have already gone through NPSNext processes or similar shared planning sessions, and their work can help inform yours.

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