Vital Signs Monitoring: Collaboration for Effective Resource Management


This course focuses on developing collaborative monitoring protocols, analyses, data management techniques and reporting mechanisms across multiple inventory and monitoring (I&M) networks. This course emphasizes the unique nature of NPS I&M network monitoring that has been tailored to network park needs, while addressing the opportunity to share techniques and results across networks and/or regions.

The course focuses on approaches that are common to multiple networks and can include monitoring techniques for water quality, vegetation, birds, phenology or landscape change. The course provides participants with techniques for managing and analyzing monitored data, as well as approaches to improve how the results can be integrated into park decision making.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate multiple monitoring protocols and identify key commonalities
  • Develop collaborative projects that integrate the results from multiple networks
  • Identify areas of overlap where collaborative products will provide cost saving measures
  • Recognize the best approaches for data management and analysis
  • Identify techniques to better integrate science into park decision making


Target Audience

Inventory and Monitoring Network Staff

Course Format

Instructor led; 24 hours

Course Dates

There are no upcoming sessions of this course scheduled at this time.



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