Coaching the “Daves”

20-sided dieFor this activity, you’ll be watching or listening to a short interpretive program, then trying your hand at coaching the interpreter who offered that product.

Dave’s Program

Your coachee is Dave. You’ll learn a bit more about Dave in a bit. But first, take an opportunity to watch Dave’s program:

Getting to Know Dave

Of course, we’re not here to coach a product, we’re here to coach Dave – help him become a better interpreter and a better person who operates in the world. But there are so many different “Daves” out there in the world. Here’s your chance to meet your own personal Dave.

Click the image of the die below to open a dice roller in a new tab. It will automatically roll a 4-sided die for you. Then come back here. Match your number to the Dave chart below – that’s who YOUR Dave is. There’s more information on who he is to help you offer up some coaching for him.

4-sided die[Roll Your Die]

Dave #1

Dave is a brand new employee at your park. He’s enthusiastic, engaged, and excited to be here. But this is word-for-word the same program you showed him during orientation. It’s been weeks and he hasn’t changed a thing – his inflection and his delivery are exactly the same as yours.

Dave #2

Dave has been talking to you before the day starts about how excited he is to hear the visitors’ voices – to ask questions and get them engaged in real, concrete ways. You’ve been excited to see how he’s using ACE techniques on his programs. But when you came out to see what he’s offering, this is what he was presenting.

Dave #3

Dave is an older RV volunteer here to help your park’s operations while he and his partner camp in your campground. The program he’s giving is somewhat tied to your place, but it’s also very obviously just an adaptation of the exact program he offered at the last place he parked his RV. You love his passion, but your park is also a place that encourages experimentation.

Dave #4

Dave’s been at this park for years, and you’ve seen this same exact program before. You saw it last season. You’re pretty sure you saw Dave give it when you visited in 4th grade, too. Every word was the same. He’s on complete autopilot. He could give this talk in his sleep. And visitors are noticing their voices aren’t being invited to join the experience and noting it on comment cards.

Offering Dave Some Feedback

Now it’s time to get your coaching muscles in gear. Using what you know about your Dave – along with the Foundations of Interpretation, the qualities of PPSQ coaching, and the Interpretive Wheel model – offer some coaching input for Dave. Use the form below; choose your Dave and put in just a few sentences to help him grow as an interpreter and individual.

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  3. I enjoyed his passion and ability to explain the tool in both tactile and nontactile manner. Dave did a really nice job of setting the scene, connecting the tool to his talk, and pausing to allow for audience interaction and questions.


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