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Cultural Landscapes Inventory (CLI) Professional Procedures Guide

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Cultural Landscapes Inventory Professional Procedures Guide


The Cultural Landscapes Inventory (CLI) Professional Procedures Guide provides procedural guidance for completing a CLI inventory unit record, with a goal of ensuring consistency and high quality data. The guide is intended to be used by Park Cultural Landscapes Program staff, contractors, and consultants who are contributing to this documentation.

This document defines the information that is collected and recorded for all inventory units (landscapes and component landscapes) in the Cultural Landscapes Inventory database.

View examples or locate a particular park report in the CLI Report Collection.

Report Contents

  • SECTION 1: Inventory Unit Summary and Site Plan
  • SECTION 2: Concurrence Status
  • SECTION 3: Geograhic Information and Location Map
  • SECTION 4: Management Information
  • SECTION 5: National Register Information
  • SECTION 6: Chronology and Physical History
  • SECTION 7: Analysis and Evaluation of Integrity
  • SECTION 8: Condition Assessment
  • SECTION 9: Treatment
  • SECTION 10: Bibliography and Supplemental Information

What is included in the CLI?

The CLI is an evaluated inventory that aims to document all cultural landscapes in the National Park System that have historical significance, as determined by listing on or eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. This includes the historic sites, historic designed sites, ethnographic landscapes, and historic vernacular landscapes that individually meet criteria for National Register listing. It also includes landscapes that are contributing elements of properties that meet the criteria.

In addition, landscapes that are managed as cultural resources because of law, policy, or decisions reached through the park planning process are included in the CLI, even if they do not meet the National Register criteria.

The process defined by the Cultural Landscapes Inventory Professional Procedures Guide helps ensure a unified approach to documenting these landscapes in the CLI database.

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