In 2012, the Workforce and Inclusion Directorate worked with the NPS Stewardship Institute and several academic institutions to conduct surveys, facilitate sessions, and interview employees and managers from a variety of parks and offices with the goal of advancing Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results through greater employee engagement. This work identified the 5 attributes that make up the CLEAR Framework (Communications, Leadership Orientation, Empowerment, Accountability, and Recognition) that, if consistently applied, will result in an engaged workforce.

What You’ll Find

Inspiring Workplace Fulfillment: The Toolkit

In this toolkit (Inspiring Work Fulfillment: CLEAR Insights for Improving Employee Satisfaction) you will find real life examples of actions that have proven successful at parks and offices across the service. Best practices were summarized into 13 insights and grouped based on the attributes of the CLEAR Framework. You may use these best practices as a guide to improve employee satisfaction as an individual, as a work group, as a park unit, specifically, in areas where FEVS scores may indicate opportunities for improvement.

How do we know this stuff works?

A project team from GOAL Academy surveyed the top scoring parks and offices in 2016 from across the service. High scoring parks shared the best practices they use to promote high levels of employee satisfaction. They’ve done it, you can too!

How to use this at your unit?

Whether you are a front-line employee or a park manager, there is something here for you. Read through the toolkit to see what resonates with you. Have something specific you want to focus on? Turn directly to that insight to get ideas.

  • Dial up the Dialogue – A culture that fosters broad communication is a culture in which all staff has the ability to know what is going on, and all voices feel heard.
  • Listen to Understand – Create and nurture an atmosphere where people feel comfortable enough to share feedback and ideas promotes teamwork and collaboration.
  • Tear Down the Walls – It is far too easy to operate in silos and be compartmentalized in larger, federal organizations.
  • Be the Example – How a leader conducts themselves speaks volumes about how their staff conducts themselves.
  • Mentor Excellence – We need to nurture excellence throughout our collaborations. Discover with whom excellence lies, and how best to support them.
  • Accelerate the Learning Curve – By providing ample opportunity for learning and growth, employees can advance, become more competitive in the workforce, and achieve their career goals.
  • Autonomy is Awesome – Empowering staff and building a sense of ownership around work that supports the agency’s mission and goals is key to employee satisfaction.
  • Make it Fun – Integrating fun into the workplace provides opportunities for employees to learn more about each other and build relationships.
  • Address the Elephant – Morale suffers where there is real or perceived lack of holding employees accountable for poor performance.
  • All Aboard the Change Train – Essential to any organizational initiative is attaining majority support. Ultimately, when everybody cares about the idea, it will succeed!
  • Raise the Bar – It can be tempting to let the fullness of the day allow you to push work to “someday.” Don’t be a “someday, maybe” employee. Jump in with both feet!
  • Live Well, Work Well – Employees are more than their position descriptions. When employees feel understood and supported, they are more likely to have increased job satisfaction.
  • Sit in Your Sunshine! – Whether it is a simple “thank you” or formal recognition, celebrating the successes of others can build momentum, motivate, encourage development, and more.

Through the thoughtful action of individuals, work groups and parks, real change can happen. Pick one or two areas of focus, start the conversation, make a plan, and be consistent in your actions.

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