Civil Treatment for Leaders – After Class Materials

Erin Noojibail, NER Employee Development Officer; Jo Robinson, Training Manager, Administrative & Business Practices, Commercial Services & IR

Updated For Supervisors , Volunteer Engagement


So, you’ve completed your Civil Treatment for Leaders class. Now it’s time to put your class notebook away and get back to business as usual, right? Wrong!

As a supervisor, you are responsible for establishing and maintaining the work environment for your employees. You need to put what you learned into practice. But, you don’t need to go through that process alone.

The following steps and resources will help you take what your learned in Civil Treatment for Leaders and create the type of environment you and your team want for the future.

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Creating a Civil Treatment Workplace – Steps and Resources

  • Share what you learned, and then keep talking about it and thinking about ways to engage your staff on the topic. Adults need to hear something 9 times before adopting new information.
  • Share the video What is Bad Behavior in the Workplace Costing You? with your staff. After watching the video, have you and your staff discuss it and how you plan to do things going forward.Here are some questions to get you started:
    • How should we address new issues that arise as we work to create our new workplace?
    • What are the ground rules that we want to set for each other to follow?
    • How do we want to treat each other?
    • What do you want your workplace to look like?

  • Encourage¬†your employees to read the Introduction to Unconscious Bias and 8 Fundamentals of a Civil Treatment Workplace eBooks ahead of a meeting, then discuss how to make civility in the workplace work for everyone.
  • Explore how to make it matter, make it simple and make it stick. Bring your employees into the conversation by listening to them. You will be demonstrating your commitment to their (and your) environment and gain their buy-in as you work together to craft the conditions of an inclusive, professional, civil and respectful workplace.

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How can you use these resources to help create a more inclusive and civil workplace?

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