What do you do to reduce your implicit bias? Who do you spend time with?

In “Check our Bias to Wreck our Bias“, Dolly Chugh shares a study that she conducted where 6,500 professors were reached at random from 260 American Universities where an email was sent that appeared to have come from males and females that were white, Chinese, Hispanic, Indian and black. The sender of the email requested a meeting to learn more about the University’s PhD program. The study conducted by New York University Dolly Chugh resulted in “white males were far more likely to receive a response back than if they were in all those other categories put together as a group.”

  • What does this mean?

Dolly Chugh and others describe how oftentimes our subconscious takes over and allows for bias. It’s often about who we help, which are people who are similar to us.

  • What can we do?

Take an Implicit Association Test. Additionally, we can conduct a self-audit by looking at data. Who do we include? Who aren’t we including?


  • Can you ask a friend or coworker to observe you? If so, try this out.
  • Create a list of your friends and who you spend time with. Create an action plan to expand your circle and network.

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