The California Preservation Foundation (CPF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving California’s diverse cultural heritage and historic places. The organization maintains a website that includes resources related to preservation and advocacy as well as information outlining upcoming opportunities to engage in workshops and conferences.To ensure that the rich diversity of California’s historic resources are identified, protected and celebrated for their history and for their valuable role in California’s economy, environment and quality of life, the California Preservation Foundation will:

  • Develop itself as the first organization to engage for assistance with preservation issues and will triage the calls for assistance using our resource network.
  • Be the recognized leader in providing the highest quality preservation education for working professionals.
  • Cultivate strong and educated local communities, statewide networks and national support united to protect and celebrate cultural resources because once demolished, they are gone forever.
  • Bring our education programs to K-12 so children grow up with appreciation for California’s legacy, and belief in its future.
  • Deepen our state and national leadership role, expanding relationships with local partners to increase our impact to create incentives and legislation which protect historic resources.
  • Achieve a strong, stable financial future through entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and balanced public/private support.

What you’ll find

  • Schedule of preservation workshops and webinars
  • Recorded webinars (available for purchase)
  • California specific preservation resources like NPS’s Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program information
  • Advocacy advice and guides
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