Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize what you’re feeling and how best to manage those feelings. Properly identifying, managing, and using your emotions can help improve your performance, thus contributing to a more productive work unit.  

Building Your Emotional Intelligence (PDF) has several chapters and self-assessment activities that will help you begin to better understand and manage your emotions in the workplace.

What you’ll find:

Section 1: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

In this session, you will study what emotional intelligence is and the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Section 2: Increase Your Personal Power by Understanding Your Emotions

We all have emotions, but few of us are capable of identifying what specific emotion we are feeling at a given time.  This session will teach you how.

Section 3: The Emotionally Intelligent Work Environment – Your Role in Creating it

An emotionally intelligent work environment is one that will be easier and more pleasant to work in; it will be more productive and teams will work more harmoniously.

Section Four: Turn Emotional Intelligence into Your Strategic Advantage When Problems Occur

This session will teach you about using emotional intelligence as a strategic advantage when problems occur.  You will also learn about the amazing power of empathy and how to ask the right questions to get the information you need.

Section Five: Use Emotional Intelligence to Work Through Intense Interactions and Conflicts

This session will teach you the value of using emotional intelligence to control conflicts.  You will learn how to conquer your fear of emotional confrontations and to avoid trigger words and the negative actions they provoke.

Section Six: Self-management Tips That Can Double Your Effectiveness

In this session, you will learn some valuable self-management tips that make you more effective, such as how to change one belief to change your perspective and how to identify the RCF formula.

Additional Resources

  • Emotional Intelligence” by Dave Cudmore, Digital.com. Learn why emotional intelligence is important, what the most common signs of emotional intelligence are, and how you can further develop your emotional intelligence.

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