Building Audience and Community

Competency Description

Interpreters and educators continuously improve services for current visitors and communities through observation, reflection, interaction, and research. Additionally, interpreters and educators work to extend the benefits of National Park Service resources beyond current visitors and communities. National Parks are supported and owned by all of the American public, not just current park visitors, therefore parks should benefit all of the American public. While hundreds of millions of people visit each year, there are still many individuals and communities who do not directly benefit from national parks, either through visits or other services.

Interpreters and educators extend direct services to the public through intentional outreach and partnership. They recognize and leverage the value communities contribute to and through park resources. Interpreters and educators also extend indirect benefits to society by introducing new narratives and inspiring social and environmental consciousness in the broader public. Interpreters and educators improve experiences for all by continuously learning from and about current and potential audiences and communities.

Competency Standard

Interpreters and Educators:

  • Apply formal and informal audience research, demographic data, motivation and cognitive learning theory to better understand current and potential audiences
  • Engage with communities, audiences, management, and peers to listen deeply and define user-based challenges
  • Serve current audiences and attract new audiences by offering a variety of products and services
  • Nurture relationships with current audiences and communities by seeking opportunities for mutual learning
  • Identify and extend genuine invitations to engage and partner with new audiences and communities
  • Build opportunities for audience connection, contribution, collaboration, and co-creation to continuously learn from and with audiences
  • Recognize and integrate valuable contributions of new and existing community groups

Download the 2018 revision of the foundations document: Foundations of Interpretation – Competencies for the 21st Century 2018 [PDF]

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