Building 21st Century Skills: Intercultural Competence


The NPS Learning & Development community gathered from August 23 – 25, 2016 at the Forging our Future: The Next Century of L&D training. Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid delivered this presentation on the importance of intercultural competence and strategies individuals and organizations can use┬áto achieve greater intercultural competence and inclusion.

Session Abstract

In an increasingly diverse world, the capacity to recognize, navigate and bridge cultural differences (intercultural competency) are critical competencies in every sector of the economy. Leveraging diverse talent provides the foundation for innovation, managing conflicts effectively, building stronger teams, increasing productivity and delivering excellent customer service.

What You’ll Learn

Session Objectives

  • Explore the role and relevance of intercultural competence on learning and development within the National Park Service
  • Create shared meaning around key terms and concepts such as “diversity,” “inclusion” and “intercultural competence.”
  • Identify strategies for building intercultural competence in order to better meet intercultural goals and challenges

Watch the Video


  • What part of the presentation was most valuable to you? Why?
  • How does your organization support different cultural perspectives? What could it do better?

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