This guidebook was created as a list of questions for NPS employees to work through in order to facilitate a successful tribal consultation. It will provide you with universal DOI/NPS guidance on tribal consultation and provide space for you to develop a personalized guide for your park or program. These questions will guide you through the process of creating a living document that you can update as you change jobs, interact with new people and, simply, learn more.


• Undertake an initial assessment of the current status of Tribal consultation at your park or program
• Develop a personalized compendium that contains Service-wide polices and laws, as well as your own reflections and insights about how to facilitate formal and informal consultation
• Consider ways to share your consultation knowledge with staff and successors
As you gain confidence and record your successes and ideas, you may find that thinking about and facilitating formal and informal consultation becomes a regular part of your job, not just something “to do” when required.


This guidebook is divided into six main categories: why, who, what, when, where, and how.

Each of these main categories is further broken down into two sections: Service-wide and Your Park or Program.

The Service-wide section provides universal knowledge and guidance from the Department of Interior and the National Park Service that is applicable Service-wide.

The Your Park or Program section offers prompts to help you develop responses that are specific to your park, unit or office. Some questions within this section will involve self-reflection. Other questions require a bit of research to learn about the history, customs, current leadership and important issues involving the Tribal communities and / or the Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Organizations connected to where you work.

You’ll want to come back to these questions whenever you change jobs – or when changes occur in the Tribal communities and / or the Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Organizations with whom you work.


Download the Build your own Tribal Consultation Guidebook (August 2022, Version 3)

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