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Overview: Energize Online Training

The National Park Service is enrolled in Energize’s online volunteer engagement best practices training program (also known as Everyone Ready). The program includes 46 seminars and self-instruction guides, plus the ability to ask questions of volunteer engagement experts. Members also receive free access to ENGAGE: the global voices of leaders of volunteer engagement and a 20% discount in the Energize bookstore. Learn how to access these resources below:

  • Seminars and Self-Instruction Guides – Find all the seminars and guides listed and linked below.
  • Q&A – Ask questions on any volunteer engagement topic by e-mailing ersupport@energizeinc.com. Note: answers may take up to a week for a response if experts are traveling.
  • Free access to ENGAGE and receive an Energize bookstore discount – Visit this topic in the Volunteer Engagement CLP group (login required) to access the codes for ENGAGE and the bookstore discount.

Seminars and Guides Arranged According to Eight Best Practices

Note: If the links below prompt you to “‘Get Started’ with this learning activity,” click the brown ‘Get Started’ button to access the resource.

Important: If you are just getting started in the learning activity, you will need to take an additional step. Once you have started the learning activity, you will see a menu in the column on the left side of the page; click on the Volunteer Engagement Best Practices section to find the seminar you’re looking for.

If you are returning to the learning activity after having already started it, the link will take you directly to the lesson under Volunteer Engagement Best Practices; no additional navigation is needed!

1. Plan and Prepare

2. Design Volunteer Positions

3. Recruit Strategically

4. Screen, Interview and Place

5. Onboard and Train

6. Support and Supervise

7. Recognize and Retain

8. Evaluate and Share Impact


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