Law of Leadership: Foundation = Trust

Optimal Living 101 Micro Class: Brian Johnson

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How do you achieve your highest leadership potential?  In this video, Brian Johnson, the creator of the online resource Optimal Living 101, condenses the essence of the book The 21 Irreplaceable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You by John C. Maxwell into 3 characteristics that will enhance your leadership abilities.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Recognize that the foundation of leadership comes from trust
  • Define “law of the lid” and how it prevents you from achieving your highest potential
  • Comprehend how character influences trust
  • List three qualities that optimize character for a strong foundation of trust

Watch the Video

Dig Deeper

After watching the video, reflect on the following questions.  Jot down your thoughts.  Consider sharing this video with a colleague or a work group for an insightful discussion.

  1. Rate your own personal character, specifically the three core areas of character, as defined in the video. What elements of your character are worthy of other people’s trust? What elements of your character could be improved to enhance your trust worthiness?
  2. Under the third characteristic, do you generally follow the “F-A-I” model or the “I-A-F” model? For one week, test drive the “I-A-F” model. Reflect on the results.
  3. The video encourages you to improve one or all three of the characteristics by 1%. Try doing this for one week and reflect on the results.

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