Trades Alive! Borrowing a Video Kit


Do you have an idea in mind for a great Trades Alive video but you don’t have any of the technology to actually capture the footage?


  • Complete a request form to borrow a kit (see below).
  • Kits are available for a maximum of 7 days and must be returned in good condition.

Trades Alive! Video Process

Step 1: Submit Proposal and Script

Submit your video proposal and script using the form below. Be sure to include all appropriate details about the materials used, PPE, detailed steps of your technique, and a shot list. To learn more about writing a good proposal and script, visit our How to Write a Script page.

Step 2: Receive the Kit and Record

After your proposal and script are approved, we’ll send you a video kit to use. Using your script and shot list, you will record the components of your video, including:

  • Wide shots of the technique
  • Close-up or detail shots of the technique
  • A staff member on camera talking about the technique, when it’s used, how it’s used, and safety information
  • A voice over of someone reading the script describing the steps of the technique

You may also include:

  • Video examples of before and after shots of the technique
  • Shots of the equipment used in the technique

When you’ve finished recording your video, you will need to return the complete kit along with your final script. The final script includes each line matched up to a description of the corresponding video shot as well as the filename of that clip. We’ve created a Script Template to help you in planning and writing your script!

Step 3: Video Draft and Final

After you’ve returned the kit and your footage, our video specialists will work with your script to put the final video together. The more specific you can be on your final script as to what shots go where, the easier it will be for our specialist to put together the final video. Then the video will be sent to a review panel of subject matter experts and back to you for review.

Step 4: Compliance

Once the video is finalized, we will contract to have the video captioned and audio described. This step is required by law under 508 compliance. After compliance is completed, we will upload the video to our video repository, to the Common Learning Portal, and a link will be sent to you to share with your colleagues.

Borrowing a Kit

To borrow a video kit, send an email to kristi_rugg@nps.gov with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your park or program
  • Telephone number
  • Dates you’d like to borrow the kit
  • Shipping address
  • Video topic/what technique are you demonstrating
  • Outline/script (See How to Write a Script)

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