Beyond the Training Event: 6 Best Practices to Ensure Learning Results


You know training events on their own aren’t enough to ensure lasting performance improvement, yet you are under pressure to deliver solutions more quickly and with fewer resources than ever before. What can you do when you don’t have time or support for full-blown performance consulting but want your training to genuinely enhance individual and organizational results?

PDF Handout – 6 Best Practices to Ensure Learning Results

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn 6 best practices to elevate any learning effort from program to performance improvement initiative.

In this practical session, you will discover how to:

  • Align learning with your organization’s strategy to secure successful business outcomes
  • Expand your view of the learning initiative to encompass application to the job
  • Elevate your learning implementation to a strategic initiative by leveraging the 6 best practices

Gain ideas, tools, and techniques to help you provide training that impacts the success of your organization.


  • Which of the six best practices do you find most important in creating lasting results from your training?
  • Of those six best practices, which is the most difficult to obtain or have in place for your training?

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