Beyond the Classroom: Building a Learning and Performance Ecosystem


The NPS Learning & Development community gathered from August 23 – 25, 2016 at the Forging our Future:  The Next Century of L&D training. At this three day training, Steve Foreman delivered this talk about how to build a learning and performance ecosystem and get beyond the mindset of only delivering formal training.


To get the most out of this presentation, make sure you’re familiar with the basic concepts of the Learning and Performance Ecosystem.

Session Abstract

The world is changing around us at a record pace. We must adapt the way we learn if we are to make the National Park Service relevant to future generations. The ability to access resources and expertise to learn on demand is crucial. A learning and performance ecosystem provides the structure to make this happen. Steve Foreman, president of InfoMedia Designs, provides a look at how such a system works.

Watch the video


After viewing the presentation materials, consider the following reflection questions:

  1. Of the six ecosystem components (talent management, performance support, knowledge management, access to experts, collaboration, structured learning), which do you think are the strongest of the current NPS learning & development paradigm? Which components are the weakest for the NPS?
  2. For the component “Access to Experts,” How would you answer the question “What’s in it for me?” What is the benefit to the learner? To the expert? What about to NPS?
  3. Is the NPS ready for the culture shift necessary to fully embrace this paradigm shift?

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