The Bevinetto Congressional Fellowship Program is a two-year leadership training and development program that provides selectees the opportunity to learn how Congress operates and to see Congressional/NPS interactions first-hand. The fellowship provides unique insight into Congress’ role in the evolution and development of the NPS.

Selectees gain experience drafting or reviewing proposed legislation, assisting in the development and implementation of the NPS legislative affairs program, and working across the NPS spectrum of leadership, regions, individual park units, and programs on proposed legislation and legislative strategies.

This program is a powerful career building opportunity for candidates with a strong interest in policy development and the political process. At the end of the two-year program, fellows obtain new positions within the NPS. Many former Bevinetto Fellows have gone on to hold significant leadership positions, such as superintendents, deputy superintendents, and program managers.

Fellowship Duties

Bevinetto Fellows spend one year working as a Professional Staff Member for a Member of Congress or a congressional committee, generally reporting to the staff director of the assigned office.

The other year of the Bevinetto Fellowship is spent working with the NPS office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs or providing assistance to the NPS Directorate in other ways.

Examples of experiences of past Bevinetto Fellows include:

  • Drafting Bureau legislative proposals and bills based on independent research; reviewing and analyzing comments of technical and field offices.
  • Analyzing legislative proposals and bills to determine their impact on Bureau policies, programs, and procedures.
  • Reviewing and recommending action by the Director on legislation affecting specific units of the NPS.
  • Advising Regional Directors and their staffs of options to accomplish administrative and resource-protection goals that may require new legislation.
  • Preparing witnesses for Congressional hearings, including preparing and supervising preparation of legislative histories, witness statements, committee profiles, and other background information.
  • Accompanying Congressional Committees on field inspections and supervising preparation of itineraries and informational materials.
  • Undertaking assignments while considering directorate and departmental priorities, legislative and congressional implications, effect on park units and system-wide programs, and input from partner and other interest groups.
  • Carrying out assignments while consulting with principals in the directorate, the Department, and outside organizations, as well as Members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Reporting results to assigned members of the Directorate and coordinating with appropriate individuals to implement decisions made.

Fellowship Requirements and Qualifications

Candidates must:

  • Have five years permanent employment with the NPS
  • Be willing to agree to complete the full 2-year program
  • Have one year time in grade at the GS-11 level or above

Additional Information

If you have additional questions about the 2021-22 Bevinetto Program, please contact Jacqueline Ashwell at 1-202-945-2497 or by email at jacqueline_ashwell@nps.gov.

The vacancy announcement is expected to be released in late August, so please check again in a few weeks.

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  1. I think this is a great opportunity for someone that is interested on how the NPS /DOI role is in our Government. I can see opportunities such as this do not come around very often. You need to be very focused and extraverted for this Bevinetto Fellowship. Seem to be fast paced and exhilarating.

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