Avoiding Ugly e-Learning: Lessons from Holiday Sweaters

Ethan Edwards, Allen Interactions

Updated Learning and Development


All of us know the agony of sitting through a poorly designed e-Learning session. There’s too much information, the message isn’t clear or the presentation is ruined by annoying gimmicks and busy visuals.

For those who design e-Learning presentations, you know the painful process of planning a beautiful, effective presentation only to lose it to lack of time, limited resources and overly complex subjects.

This short e-book from Allen Interactions shares lessons about e-Learning design and development by comparing common mistakes to the bane of the season: Holiday Sweaters.

What You’ll Learn

The Lessons Learned from Holiday Sweaters:

  • The Content Dump: Tedious and Unrelenting Detail
  • The Misapplied Template: Thoughtless Repetition of Pattern and Color
  • The Talking Head: Obsessive Focus on One Detail
  • The Misunderstood Audience: The Solution Does Not Meet Audience Needs
  • The Mixed Message: Making the Message Clear and Relevant
  • Overwhelmed by the Media: The Message Gets Taken Over
  • The Kitchen Sink: A Little Bit of Everything
  • Copy Cat Mobile Learning: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • The Fun One: The Fine Line Between Fun and Annoying
  • Boggled Conversion: Be Careful When Switching Formats
  • LMS: Good Organization and Variety, But No Content
  • The Perfect Sweater: Creating What Works

Download the e-book “Avoiding Ugly e-Learning: Lessons from Holiday Sweaters”


  • Have you made any of these ugly sweater mistakes when creating e-Learning or presentations? Using the lessons in this e-book, what could you change to make your e-Learning presentation work better?

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