Reference Manual 60 – Aviation Management

What it is

Reference Manual 60 – Aviation Management provides detailed guidance to NPS personnel engaged in aviation management activities. This manual incorporates the policies contained in the latest version of the NPS Management Policies and the instructions, requirements, and operational policies contained in Director’s Order (DO)-60.

This manual supplements policies, procedures, and instructions issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) where appropriate; FAA and DOI policies, procedures, and instructions are cited or attached as appendices to this manual.

Why it matters

Aviation resources provide land managers with specialized tools to accomplish management objectives efficiently, effectively, and safely when other means are unavailable or less appropriate. However, aviation programs are expensive to conduct, and the potential for catastrophe is high when proper levels of risk management are not applied.

The purpose of Director’s Order 60 and its companion Reference Manual 60 (RM-60) is to provide park managers with the direction they need to conduct a legal, safe, and cost-effective aviation program, and to minimize adverse impacts that NPS aviation activities may impose on park resources and visitor enjoyment.

Additional information

Pay and compensation issues are not addressed by this Reference Manual. Questions regarding pay and compensation should be forwarded to the servicing personnel office.

To find additional NPS aviation-related training courses and resources navigate to the Fire and Aviation Management CLP Landing Page.

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