Aviation and Pilot Training Requirements


The NPS utilizes aircraft, both manned and unmanned, to accomplish a variety of highly complex missions and operations, including:

  • Search and rescue
  • Law enforcement
  • Resource management
  • Transportation
  • Prescribed and wildland fire


The following documents detail the minimum pilot requirements for operating Department of the Interior manned and unmanned aircraft.

NPS manned aircraft are usually operated by either commercial contractors or NPS pilots in government owned (fleet) airplanes and helicopters. NPS pilot training requirements are primarily contained in Operational Procedures Memorandum (OPM)-22.

NPS unmanned aircraft (UAS) operations also include contract commercial sources and fleet that use a variety of sensor packages: video, infrared, hyperspectral, etc. UAS pilot training requirements are located in OPM-11 DOI Use of Unmanned Aircraft.


Find additional NPS aviation-related training courses and resources on the Fire and Aviation Management CLP Landing Page!

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