Audience Beliefs and Attitudes About Climate Change

Audience Beliefs and Attitudes About Climate Change — Power Point Presentation with Notes

By Angie Richman, NPS Instructor/Consultant for Climate Change


Knowing your audience is an important part of any interpretative product and it can be critical when interpreting climate change. However, gathering audience knowledge can be a challenge. When it comes to communicating climate change, one of the best tools we have in understanding the beliefs and attitudes of our audience is the Six Americas reports conducted by Yale University and George Mason University. The Power Point, Audience Beliefs and Attitudes about Climate Change, provides an overview of the Six Americas and considers applications for interpreters and educators. This Power Point is presented as part of the Interpreting Climate Change Virtual Class sponsored by the IDP and the CCRP.

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  1. A great overview, this module is a helpful primer on how to engage diverse audiences in potentially controversial dialogue about climate change. Referencing the Six Americas report, this module provides a pragmatic approach to activating citizens across the spectrum towards climate-friendly choices, whether simple lifestyle changes or more deliberate outreach efforts.

    Stemming from this research comes the bottom line: know your audience and engage with them about climate change. Using this information, interpreters are provided with concrete examples of how to prepare information for each of the categories as referenced in Six Americas (alarmed, concerned, cautious, disengaged, doubtful, dismissive). With these examples, interpreters and science communicators are better able to reach visitors at their sites, and provide tailored messaging that will be well received.


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