Facility Management Training: Asset Management

The Asset Management Process (AMP), represented in this graphic, is mandated by EO 13327 (2004-President G.W. Bush) that says: find out what you have and accept responsibility for it - be accountable. In addition, DO 80 (2006-Bomar) reflects the NPS commitment to use an AMP. The FMSS is the software system to support it.
The Asset Management Proc

National Park Service Facility Management focuses on the management of park assets, the real or personal property that the NPS tracks and manages as distinct identifiable entities.  This can include a physical structure or grouping of structures, land features, farms, cemeteries, campgrounds, marinas, water systems, or sewage treatment plants.  The NPS Asset Management Process includes identifying these assets, prioritizing the assets, identifying and planning work, performing work, and evaluating that work.


NOTE: These courses are available on DOI Talent, and can be accessed using a government computer with a PIV card.  If you are an NPS employee without access to a government computer at this time, please contact the PFMD AMP Training Team for an alternate method for accessing these courses.

Foundations of Asset Management 

This course will introduce you to two foundational elements: the Facility Management Program, an overall program that the NPS has adopted to manage assets effectively, and the Asset Management Process (AMP), an approach to asset management that is based on industry standards. It is important to understand these processes, because they serve as the foundation for the Facility Management Software System (FMSS)

Facility Management Competencies: I.A, I.B, I.C, III.A, IV.A, IV.B, V.A, V.B, V.C

Managing Park Assets: API

This course will teach you about the Asset Priority Index (API) which measures the value of each asset in relation to a park’s mission. It will also introduce you to the webpage for determining the API. Determining this value helps parks decide which assets should be retained and at what level they should be maintained. Audience: Park Superintendents, division chiefs, and subject matter experts.

Facility Management Competencies: I.A, I.C, I.D, II.A, II.B, IV.A, IV.B, V.A, V.C

Managing Park Assets: WebCRV 

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the Web based Current Replacement Value (CRV) Calculator and its use and importance to asset management.

Facility Management Competencies: I.A, I.B, I.C, I.D, II.B, V.A, V.C

Park Asset Management Plan: Introduction

This course provides an introduction to the Park Asset Management Planning process; the course:

  • Articulates the legislation that led to the development of the Park Asset Management Plan (PAMP)
  • Describes the changing nature of the Facility Management Plan (FMP) in the NPS (DOI requires NPS to be accountable)
  • Explains the relationship between the Site Specific Asset Business Plan (SSABP) and the PAMP
  • Describes the Life Cycle Business Practices on a broad level
  • Describes the stages of the PAMP process

Facility Management Competencies: I.A, I.B, I.C, I.D, II.A, III.A, IV.A, IV.B, V.A, V.B, V.C

Lifecycle Business Practices

The National Park Service is charged with managing more than 400 park sites, including 75,000+ assets. As a result of its diverse asset portfolio, the National Park Service uses the Asset Management Process (AMP) model. This model, in combination with established lifecycle business practices, provides the foundation for asset management decisions that are made by NPS managers. This course will discuss the relationship between the Asset Management Process, asset management tools, and lifecycle business practices.

Facility Management Competencies: I.A, I.B, I.C


Micro-learnings are very-short courses on a specific topic that can be used to enhance learning, and serve as a reference for future use.  These short courses are generally 10 minutes or less. Consequently you will not receive credit for viewing these courses.

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an industry standard method for configuring resources to provide for the efficient administration of an organization’s facilities. This video provides an introduction to the Facility Management Software System (FMSS) and the National Park Service’s EAM, explains how the NPS uses the system to manage its assets, and expresses how the data gathered is used at multiple levels – from a park, to a region, to the Washington office.

Facility Management Competencies: II.B

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