Assessing Your Existing Mentor Relationships

Courtesy NPS IR2 Future Leaders Program

Updated For Supervisors , Service Wide Skills


You have been in a mentor/mentee relationship for awhile… How is it going? How would you know? These two resources provide the mentor and the mentee opportunities to take a step back and evaluate the relationship.

There are two self-assessments available to use. Rate yourself as you actually are, not as you’d like to be.

What You Will Find

The assessments cover:

  • Purpose
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Process
  • Progress
  • Feedback

These assessments are courtesy the IR2 Future Leaders Program, but are applicable to anyone in a mentor/mentee relationship whether it is informal or formal.

Next Actions

  • If it feels comfortable, discuss your findings in your next mentoring meeting.
  • Take an assessment early and then later in your relationship; is there a change?
  • Consider doing the assessment for the other person to gain insight on their perceptions.


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