The mission of the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center is to “equip and inspire agency leaders and partners to ensure that America’s National Wilderness Preservation System endures for future generations.

Through a blend of classroom and field courses, e-courses and webinars, Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center provides access to training in support of field efforts to meet the spirit and intent of the Wilderness Act. Through Wilderness.net, users can find maps, data, toolboxes, templates and examples to better address stewardship issues, as well as find connections to other wilderness community members across agency, private and academic boundaries.

What You’ll Find

Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center provides training, information and education in six core competency areas:

  • Wilderness History, Law, Regulation and Policy
  • Managing Special Provisions
  • Wilderness Planning
  • Wilderness Field Skills
  • Visitor Use Management and Monitoring
  • Natural and Cultural Resources Management and Monitoring

We provide technical knowledge to successfully address issue-specific wilderness stewardship needs.

On-line Training

35 Competency-based on-line courses are available to meet your wilderness stewardship needs with more courses in the pipeline.

Classroom Training

Classroom courses are available to meet needs at the Unit, Regional, and National level.

To find out more about where we’re headed next, see our full training page.

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