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From 1981 through 2018, the George Wright Society published The George Wright Forum. This interdisciplinary journal explored innovative thinking and offered enduring perspectives on critical issues across the whole spectrum of place-based heritage management and stewardship. The George Wright Forum published insights from virtually every field in cultural and natural resources related to parks, protected areas, and cultural sites.

A complete collection of every article ever published in The George Wright Forum is available on-line.

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The George Wright Society champions stewardship of parks, protected areas, and cultural sites by connecting people, places, knowledge, and ideas. It is the only place-based conservation organization that is designed to be interdisciplinary from the ground up. By uniting people from many different backgrounds around a common passion for protecting Earth’s natural and cultural heritage, they create the collaboration needed to meet today’s greatest conservation challenges. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded over 35 years ago to promote professional research and resource stewardship.

The successor journal to The George Wright Forum is Parks Stewardship Forum, co-published by the UC Berkeley Institute for People, Parks, and Biodiversity and the George Wright Society.

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