Archeology for Interpreters Learning Series

America’s archeological resources embody a rich heritage of human experiences and cultural identities. They tell us about people from the past and establish important connections to the present. Interpreters help archeologists fulfill the NPS mission by facilitating personal connections with archeological resources and encouraging stewardship.

This learning series is to help interpreters become more familiar with archeology and archeological resources, in order to interpret them effectively.

  1. Archeology Basics
  2. Archeological Resources
  3. What do Archeologists Do?
  4. Interpreting Archeology
  5. Archeology Policies, Laws, and Best Practices
  6. Manassas National Battlefield Case Study

Earn an Archeology for Interpreters Badge

If you complete all of the learning activities for each section, you will earn the following badge:

A vector image of a ranger standing holding a magnifying glass triumphantly over their head with a trowel in their lower hand. Behind them there's a faded map of the National Park System.

Additional Resources

Knowledge Park Assets

Join a Cohort

Join the Interpreting Archeology group. Discuss your hopes for interpretation, the four guides in the Interpreting Archeology series, and connect with other interpreters and archeologists.

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  2. This training has a great deal to offer individuals who are new to interpreting archeology sites; however, I would say I was greatly disappointed to see the lack of discussion with regards to involving indigenous people and tribal nations while interpreting sites.


  3. This was a fun review of archaeology for reminding us of what we can be teaching to park visitors, and on how to incorporate archaeology into our park media. Any ideas on how to get the Archaeology for Interpreters badge to load, though? I have yet to find a way to make “Log In to Website” work, even when logging into the CLP on the page, and it’s all that’s needed for the badge for me :'(


  4. Hi @klcurtis! I’ve manually awarded the Archeology for Interpreters badge to you. Badges have been acting wonky for a while now, and are prioritized as one of the first issues to be addressed by our web developers when they come onboard. 🙂

  5. Rating:

  6. This was a great introduction for someone like me, who is very interested in history and these topics, but who doesn’t have an existing background in the field of archaeology! I enjoyed each of the sections. I did had difficulty with the badge, and it won’t show up after completion- it may be a CLP error!


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