Asset Management Reporting System Enhanced Features

Asset Management Reporting System

The Asset Management Reporting System (AMRS) is the official reporting system of the NPS Facility Management Software System (FMSS). AMRS works with FMSS data to help you generate reports that are relevant to your facility management needs. In addition, they communicate information on park assets to regional and national offices. The reporting functions of the AMRS provide for robust review and analysis of the data found within the FMSS.

Enhanced Features

Bar graph showing the top 10 asset codes and classifications by number of assets
Sample graph found in an enhanced report

Recent AMRS upgrades have added the ability to include enhanced features in certain reports. These features include graphs, charts, and links to data within FMSS and other systems.  Enhanced features will be added to additional reports in the next few months. Check back to find out which additional reports have been enhanced.

Report Reference Sheets

Reference sheets for each enhanced report helps users to understand the information presented through the enhanced features.  Each sheet provides instructions on how to activate the enhanced portions of the report, and gives a brief explanation of those features.

Hiding Enhanced Features

This short tutorial will show you how to hide enhanced features from within an AMRS report.

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