The American Battlefield Protection Act

What It Is

The American Battlefield Protection Act (ABPA) became law on November 12, 1996 (Public Law 104-333, 16 U.S.C. 469k) and has been amended twice. The ABPA authorizes the American Battlefield Protection Program. It charges them to encourage, support, assist, recognize, and work in partnership with citizens; Federal, State, local, and tribal governments; other public entities; educational institutions; and private nonprofit organizations in identifying, researching, evaluating, interpreting, and protecting historic battlefields and associated sites on a National, State, and local level. The National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program, originally created in 1991 to provide such preservation assistance.

Why It Matters

Collaboration is essential for the long-term preservation of America’s battlefield landscapes. Not all battlefields lands are able to be acquired for public ownership. By providing professional assistance and grants, the ABPP helps support public-private partnerships that can find local solutions and balanced approaches to preserving battlefield landscapes. Since 1992, the ABPP has issued over 500 battlefield planning grants and helped acquire battlefield lands in 16 states.

Additional Information


Want to find out more about how you can help protect America’s battlefields? Here are some suggestions and ideas on how you can get involved in the protecting our historic battlefield resources.

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