Let’s Talk: Allies for Inclusion


Allies for Inclusion introducesAllies logo dialogue as a way for colleagues to better understand and relate to one another in an effort to create a more open and inclusive workplace.

What is Allies for Inclusion?

Allies for Inclusion uses facilitated dialogue to enables each person to see bits and pieces of their story/experience in that of another (or the perceived “other”).The goal is to create a safe environment for participants to consider other perspectives and generate mutual understanding.

What are the Outcomes?

By participating in Allies for Inclusion dialogues, participants will:

  • build trust,
  • strengthen relationships,
  • generate empathy, and
  • improve communication and cultural competency skills.

Participants engage in perspective-taking or “walking in the shoes of another,” which is a proven practice to reduce implicit bias.  Implicit bias is the brain’s automatic, instant association of stereotypes or attitudes toward particular groups without conscious awareness.

Allies can spark collective action through the creation of new projects or initiatives that increase workplace inclusion and diversity.

Allies for Inclusion and Related Training:

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