ALDP Eligibility & Enrollment


The Aspiring Leader Development Program (ALDP) serves as a foundational development program for aspiring leaders by providing participants with skills and tools that support the pursuit and ownership of their personal leadership development.

Eligibility Requirements

The ALDP is not geared toward specific positions or disciplines. This program is open to any NPS employee who meets the following criteria:

  • You are currently employed as a term or permanent full-time NPS employee.
  • Your current position is a GS-5 through GS-7 or Wage Grade equivalent.

Enrollment Process

The application for the ALDP is a two step process:

  1. Step One: Complete Phase I application. Once completed, individuals will receive an email with the requirements and a link to lynda.com to begin the phase.
  2. Step Two: Phase II applications require applicants to:
    • Complete an ALDP Phase II Participant Application Form
    • Receive supervisory approval: applicants’ supervisor(s) must complete an ALDP Supervisor Approval Support Form.

Applicants are organized by region with the intention of providing a balanced geographically dispersed set of cohort members. Selected ALDP applicants will be notified once they are assigned to the cohort. Each cohort will have 32–36 participants.

About the Application Phases

The application for the ALDP consists of two phases.

Phase I

ALDP Phase I will use TED Talks™ and the LinkedIn Learning platform with maximum access from mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. Individuals will have 60 days once enrolled in Phase I to complete all Phase I requirements; individuals must watch all of the videos and complete the assessments and feedback surveys. After the 60 days, individuals may lose their access and have to reapply to ALDP Phase I. Upon completion of the requirements, individuals will receive a confirmation email of their eligibility for ALDP Phase II.

To apply to Phase I, submit the 2022-2023 Aspiring Leader Development Program Phase I Application.

Phase II

After completing ALDP Phase I (you will receive a confirmation email), individuals must complete the ALDP Phase II application to request enrollment in ALDP Phase II and receive an assignment to an ALDP cohort. In addition to the confirmation of completion of ALDP Phase I, the applicant’s supervisor(s) must complete an enrollment form acknowledging:

  • their approval for the individual to participate in the program,
  • the individual’s access to a DOI/NPS government computer for both the workshops and assignments, and
  • the program has an expectation of 4–6 hours developmental commitment per month.

Applicants must have all three requirements completed (ALDP Phase I completed, an ALDP Phase II application submitted, and an ALDP Supervisor Approval Form submitted) prior to being accepted into Phase II and assigned to an ALDP cohort.

Both the applicant and supervisor applications must be completed for enrollment into Phase II:

  • Aspiring Leader Development Program Phase II Application. A link to this form will be shared in the Phase II completion email.
  • Aspiring Leader Development Program Phase II Supervisor Approval FormA link to this form will be shared in the Phase II completion email.

Check out a sample of ALDP Phase II Schedule to see what kinds of topics will be covered.


Do you have additional questions about the ALDP or the enrollment process? Email Aspiring Leader Development, NPS at ALDP@nps.gov or Lisa Matarazzo at lisa_matarazzo@nps.gov for more information.

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  1. This training would be more useful if it was available for seasonal employees. In my work group I have always been supervised by seasonal WG and WL-7 employees. As a WG-7 I am often supervising at least 2-5 NPS employees and volunteer groups of 8-10 or more. Many seasonal employees I know are in a similar situation and very few have had any official leadership training.

  2. I agree with Alixandra, these kind of trainings need to be available to seasonal employees. It could help retain the seasonal workforce who are interested in permanent positions.
    If this program can’t be made available to seasonals, please make one for seasonals so we have opportunities to improve our careers too.

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