Located just one mile from the rim of the Grand Canyon, Albright Training Center provides student residents an opportunity to learn and train in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. In addition to hiking and sightseeing opportunities, the Grand Canyon community provides a variety of restaurants, shopping and entertainment options and visitors and residents.

Albright overhead area map
Albright/Grand Canyon Village area Credit: Google Earth


Dining options in Grand Canyon Village range from fine dining to delis and fast food. Many restaurants are within a one-mile walk of our facility, providing our guests with a wide variety of dining options just minutes away from their rooms. Additional restaurants are located in nearby Tusayan, Arizona, about seven miles from Albright Training Center.

For more information on dining options in Grand Canyon area, please visit the Grand Canyon National Park Restaurants and Groceries page.

Grocery Stores

Canyon Village Market carries a wide selection of grocery items and souvenirs, as well as renting camping and backpacking equipment. It is located about 2 miles from Albright Training Center.

Tusayan General Store is located about seven miles from the Albright Training Center and carries groceries and souvenirs.


Guests can find many shopping options in Grand Canyon Village, whether you are shopping for guidebooks, t-shirts or fine native arts and crafts. For a full listing of the shopping options available in Grand Canyon Village, please visit the Grand Canyon National Park Bookstores and Gift Shops page.


There are many fitness options in Grand Canyon Village available for our guests, including greenway paths for walking, hiking and running and bicycle rentals. For a full listing of fitness opportunities on the rim, visit the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Fitness Opportunities page.

Guests of Albright Training Center can also take advantage of short term memberships to the Grand Canyon Recreation Center.  The Recreation Center facilities include a variety of exercise equipment, fitness and yoga classes, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts and events such as movie nights and community sports tournaments.

Please remember that the elevation of Albright Training Center and Grand Canyon Village averages 7,000ft (2,134m) above sea level. People with respiratory or cardiac problems may have increased difficulties while walking, hiking or engaging in any level of activity. You may find your normal physical fitness level may not be the same while at Albright Training Center. Please use caution when exercising or engaging in strenuous activity while you are at this high elevation.

Ranger Programs and Guided Tours

Park Ranger Programs are an ideal way to learn about the science and history of Grand Canyon. Programs range from short talks to longer hikes below the rim and are free of charge. Guests bringing children ages 6 to 14 can take advantage of the Junior Ranger Program; programs vary from nature hikes to games and activities.

For many, an opportunity to attend a training at Albright Training Center is also an opportunity to sightsee and tour the Grand Canyon. Guided tours of the Grand Canyon include short guided walks, airplane and helicopter tours, mule rides and multi-day whitewater rafting trips.


Hiking in the Grand Canyon can mean a quick one-hour trip below the rim to a multi-day, extremely strenuous adventure. Plan your trip based on your entire group’s fitness level, time of year and what kind of experience you are hoping to gain. Visit the Backcountry Information Center or call 928-638-7875 for more information about hiking options.

Hiking during summer months (June through August) is extremely challenging and potentially hazardous due to extreme summer temperatures in the inner canyon. Please be advised that temperatures at the river are often 20°F warmer than temperatures on the rim. Winter hikers can often see deep snow on trails and sudden storms. Visit the Grand Canyon National Park Weather Dangers page for more information on safe hiking tips.

Religious Services

A variety of religious services are offered in Grand Canyon Village. Current schedules are posted in Albright Training Center’s Kowski Hall, Shrine of the Ages, Grand Canyon Visitor Center at Canyon View Information Plaza, Canyon Village Marketplace and Verkamp’s Visitor Center.


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