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The following steps are intended to assist Course Owners and Bureau Training Managers in adding courses to DOILearn, including courses hosted both internally and externally to DOILearn. The steps also include adding an assessment to a course and a downloadable job aid.

Adding a Course to DOILearn

Definitions and Acronyms

  • Vendor/Course Owner: the person who contracts for or otherwise develops the online course
  • BTM: Bureau Training Manager; Career Field Training Manager
  • DOILearn Administrator: Technical point of contact for DOILearn who is entering the course
  • SME: Subject Matter Expert; individual who is responsible for the content of the course
  • UDT: User Defined Task; an online course that resides on a server outside the DOILearn platform. UDT courses have a URL link in DOILearn that transfers the learner from DOILearn to the site where the course is hosted.
  • OLT: Online Training; a course that resides on the DOILearn server. OLT courses must be SCROM packaged.

Course Creation

The Vendor/Course Owner provides the BTM with the course creation form, which includes:

  • Course name
  • Type of course (UDT or OLT)
  • Course description
  • Learning objectives
  • Target audience
  • NPS only or Department wide (if this is left blank, the course does not show up in the course catalog)
  • OPM subtype
  • Competencies covered by the content and at what level (entry/1, intermediate/2 or advanced/3)
  • UDT courses must have the URL link for the course
  • Both UDT and OTL courses require a message to let the DOILearn Administrator know if the course requires a test in DOILearn

The BTM:

  • Ensures the content and target audience match the competency level
  • Ensures all needed items are completed
  • Assigns a Course Code using the standard format NPS-AAANNNN; A = the 3-letter designation for the career field, N = 4-digit number for the course. Ideally, the first number of the course number should reflect the level of the course (e.g., 1 = basic, 3 = intermediate, 5 = advanced)
  • Submits the course creation form to doilearn@nps.gov

The DOILearn Team will set up the course in DOILearn within 5 business days of the receipt of the the completed and accurate course creation form.

Course Review

Before a course is live in the DOILearn course catalog, is must be reviewed and tested by the Course Owner, SMEs and representatives of the target audience. The Course Owner will notify the BTM when the review is complete. The BTM notifies the DOILearn Team and the DOILearn Administrator will make the course active in DOILearn.

UDT Courses

  1. Prior to submitting a course creation form the the BTM, Course Owners should access and review the course on the hosting server to ensure the course functions as it should and is accessible by all audiences, either internal or external to the NPS.
  2. Once the course creation form is submitted, reviewers are assigned the course and must log in to DOILearn and test the URL link.
  3. The Course Owner notifies the BTM when the course passes review.
  4. The BTM notifies the DOILearn Team to activate the course in the course catalog.

OLT Courses

  1. OLT courses must be built in SCORM 2004 and the completed package must be submitted to DOILearn via doilearn@nps.gov or loaded on the Google Drive and shared with daniel_zugay@nps.gov (the package cannot be shared via the Google Drive with doilearn@nps.gov because group email accounts cannot access Google Drive files).
  2. The BTM obtains a list of testers for the course from the Course Owner and submits the list with the course creation form.
  3. The DOILearn Administrator assigns the course to the testers.
  4. The Course Owner notifies the BTM when the course passes review.
  5. The BTM notifies the DOILearn Team to activate the course in the course catalog.

Course Assessment

An assessment or completion test may be done externally or within DOILearn.

External to DOILearn

Testing is built into the SCORM package of the online course. The assessment can take any form the course creator devises: fill in the blank, replicating a job process, ordering steps in a process, etc. The SCORM package must include code to inform DOILearn of the passing status. However, the course should also include a passing statement (e.g., “Congratulations! You have successfully completed [name of course]”) that the user can print from the course, in case there is a problem transferring the passing status code to DOILearn.

Internal to DOILearn

DOILearn testing consists of true/false, multiple choice with one correct answer and multiple choice with multiple correct answers. If testing within DOILearn, the BTM must set up questions in DOILearn and match the test to the course.

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