Acquisition Leadership Development Program


The acquisition leaders of today are required to ensure programs and projects deliver critical services to the American public efficiently and effectively. The Interior Acquisition Institute’s Acquisition Leadership Development Program (ALDP) allows senior-level federal acquisition professionals the opportunity to develop the program management and critical thinking skills required to successfully manage and integrate large and complex acquisitions into their projects.

The senior-level project/program managers ALDP cohort addresses the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act’s (the Act or the PMIAA) intent to improve program and project management practices within the Federal Government and the President’s Management Agenda of ensuring taxpayer dollars are providing critical federal services to citizens efficiently and cost-effectively. Through this 5-month program, participants will learn the critical thinking and expert analysis skills that will support decision-making and overcome challenges to program implementation and execution and will strengthen their leadership skills through a multi-faceted advanced-level leadership development training in a blended learning methodology.

Participants will participate in:

  • Program Orientation
  • Monthly Sessions
  • Professional Coaching
  • Individual Development Plan and Developmental Activities
  • Career Development Session and Graduation

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get learning and development beyond certification training!

Program Goals

  • President’s Management Agenda Cross-Agency Priority Goals to improve the management of major acquisitions and major initiatives
  • Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA) intent to improve the management of government programs through the professionalization of program managers
  • Strengthen champion of agency strategic goals, objectives, and missions
  • Build and shape enterprise-wide agency leadership
  • Lead creativity and drive innovation for a 21st century Federal Government
  • Integrate and align agency enterprise-wide objectives
  • Develop networks to help drive change for a high-performing organization

Program Benefits

  • Apply core values and characteristics to an enterprise leadership philosophy.
  • Apply leadership skills and competencies to provide strategic vision while building ownership and alignment within their workgroups to implement change within the
  • Department and for their major acquisition and/or major initiative projects and programs.
  • Effectively use the diverse talent that exists in their class in the achievement of organizational objectives.
  • Identify current and potential opportunities for the Department.
  • Use technology to develop technical strategies/solutions to transform federal agencies into a more effective 21st century organizations.
  • Perform and practice the enhanced role of federal program management to ensure programs produce their desired outcomes.
  • Be recognized by agency leadership as career path leaders providing expertise and mentorship opportunities to teach other program managers this skillset.

Those interested can learn more online and via Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System (FAITAS)

Call for Applications:  ALDP CLASS OF 2019


The “Call for Applications” window for ALDP senior program management Class of 2019 is now open.

  1. Download the 2018 application packet
  2. Submit completed application packages via email
  3. Register for FPM 525: Acquisition Leadership Development Program through FAITAS


Contacts: LaTanya Anderson or Jackie Christian at (202) 492-4644

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