ACE Interpretive Bingo

Screenshot of ACE Interpretive Bingo BoardSparking Conversations about Our Work

The “Ace Interpretive Bingo” sheet [PDF] is designed to be a place to start a conversation about audience centered interpretation with your peers. Take it along on a program or use it when you’re looking at a piece of interpretive media. Grab a marker, and put a tick mark in a box each time you see an element of excellence.

Just like in a game of bingo, you don’t need to fill every spot. Some ACE offerings might only exhibit one or two elements of success – that might be enough to get the audience to a powerful experience. For other offerings, you might cover the card with checkmarks. This is meant as a handy sheet to make capturing ideas and observations easier.

What are the categories of success?

The Bingo board has six different categories of success (five columns, plus the cross-cutting top row):

  • Facilitation – How well is the experience helping to invite visitor voices and leave space for visitor expression?
  • Container – How is the experience helping make visitors feel safe and welcomed in the environment to share a diversity of perspectives?
  • Relevance – How centrally is the experience centered around an issue pressing to today’s society and is the experience reactive?
  • Participation – How are visitors engaged in dialogue with fellow participants (visitors, interpreters, facilitators, etc.) and the resource itself during the experience?
  • Techniques – How did the techniques chosen for the experience help to make answering questions easier and invite richer answers?
  • Questions – How did the questions used for the experience invite the visitors to answer from their personal lived experience?

Just like in a game of bingo, there is a free space at the center of the board; in resource-based interpretation, the story of the place should always be present.

Looking For More on Audience Centered Experiences?

Audience Centered Experience Button - Two Pictogram Visitors talking to a pictogram rangerYou can find much more self-guided learning and all of the materials for making yourself an ACE in the Audience Centered Experience Interpretation workbook.

Interpretive Leadership button - a pictogram ranger leading a group of other rangers higherYou can find links to seasonal lesson plans which support this emerging skill set in the Audience Centered Experience Trainers’ Guide.

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