Forging Connections through Audience Centered Experiences – Course


This course focuses on the front-line interpreter’s role as a facilitator of dialogue and collaboration. Participants will be encouraged to incorporate these techniques into new and existing park programming and products.

By thoughtfully crafting and facilitating dialogue around issues critical to the National Park Service and the public, interpreters will learn to be catalysts to engage citizenry in new and exciting ways.

Participants will experience pop-up dialogic products and programs that showcase personal and non-personal audience-centered experiences.  They will learn techniques to hone their skill in allowing visitors to contribute to the park narrative. Participants will practice engagement strategies for their own park example and refine their products through peer collaboration.

This course is intended for front-line interpreters, supervisors and managers interested in learning about co-creation and collaboration of interpretive programming with visitors and stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, interpreters will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and potential of parks in society
  • Identify ways audience contribution helps enrich experience
  • Write a 3-fold goal, including a desired societal outcome, for an Audience Centered Experience
  • Craft open-ended dialogic questions
  • Write or select an essential, generative question that connects park story to a current social issue
  • Choose and demonstrate Audience Centered Techniques
  • Elicit audience contribution through interactive techniques
  • Listen to, learn from, and respond to audience contributions

See currently scheduled sessions for “Forging Connections through Audience Centered Experiences”.

Also, see currently scheduled sessions for the Train-the-Trainer version of this course.

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