New Year Resolutions for Virtual Visitation – Accessible Digital Media 101

As the NPS prepares to enter a new calendar year and continues to reach visitors both in-person and online, experts in digital media and accessibility share their knowledge and know-how for reaching virtual audiences. This webinar video highlights multiple modes and methods of information delivery. Content areas include captioning, audio description, alternative text, and social media.


This video of the webinar presentation is captioned, and the presenters audio describe the visual content.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions from the live webinar.

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  1. Thanks for posting this recording! I really appreciate all that Alex and Kristi do to help make these concepts more accessible to others across the service. This recording will be a great resource to share with new web & social media authors.


  2. This is a wonderful, concise resource and I will be sharing widely. Even as someone who has lots of practice with these concepts, this presentation serves as a great (and honestly, extremely necessary) refresher.


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