A Powerful Pledge That Spreads Accountability in the Workplace


Workplace accountability is possible. But how? In this Freedom at Work Talks video, Garry Ridge, CEO of the WD-40 company, shares his secret. Discover how a bold employee promise skyrockets the level accountability within his organization.

The Learning Upshot

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Recall how accountability is linked to vision and values
  • Realize that accountability is a personal choice and that everyone is responsible
  • Be inspired to develop a pledge to improve accountability in your workplace

Watch the Video

Make It Actionable

Now it’s time to personalize it. Give this concept some momentum in the workplace and your own life by completing the following:

  1. Rate the overall level of accountability on your work team (1 = poor, 5 = outstanding). Name 1 or 2 factors that lead you to believe this.
  2. What are the vision and values of your work team? Are all employees aware of them? How are they, and how often are they communicated? If you are unaware of your team’s vision and values, pose the question and find the answer.
  3. Self Accountability: Develop your own personal “maniac pledge” for how you intend to hold yourself accountable in the workplace. Share your pledge with a trusted colleague and ask them to help you uphold it.
  4. Team Accountability: Develop a team “maniac pledge” for how your team intends to hold itself accountable in the workplace. Post it someplace visible at your workplace to remind your team of your promise and make others aware of it.

Want More?

Dig deeper on this topic with the following resources:  

Write a Review

  1. This is an excellent video. I like calling a team a tribe. A tribe is about belonging, being respectful, having a clear vision, and knowing what a good outcome looks like. He also makes the point of creating positive memories. It does feel good to have positive memories at the end of the day. What I liked most was the analogy values are banks on a river. Is Garry a whitewater kayaker? My heart pounded with the image of rapids, my mind soothed on flat water, my spirit set free doing the right thing. Fond memories form running rivers, whistling at work, belonging to a tribe, forging relationships, reflecting within, finding freedom all the while being connected to the source. Being accountable and doing the right thing will set you free.


  2. I love this!! I plan to use the video and concept with my staff! The accountability piece, calling the group a tribe and the Manics Pledge! This for me was the best video of the course, I’m not sure why I can’t get all the stars lit for a 5 star rating because that is what it deserves!


  3. This is how teams should be, like a tribe, being accountable to and for each other. Tribe also adopts other, inclusive is accountable. **** Four stars


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