A Good Attitude for Career Growth


In the article “Importance of Good Attitude at Work,” Julie Boehlke writes: “If you display a good attitude, you may increase your chances for a promotion or a raise if you are a positive role model for others within your department at work.”

Your attitude can help or harm you in your career growth as many times we find ourselves overworked, overwhelmed, or not supported enough. These situations don’t have to be negative if you can find the positives in the situations and focus on those. Your positive mindset can help you stand out from the rest and better your workplace environment.

5 Ways a Positive Attitude Can Help Your Career Growth

1. Significance: your attitude is an expression of yourself.
2. Identification: management is able to identify you by your attitude.
3. Benefits: when working in teams you are seen as a positive leader.
4. Atmosphere: when you’re positive, others around you are positive too.
5. Effects: a positive mindset can help with reactions to negative stress.

To learn more, read Julie Boehlke’s full article.

Tips to Try Fostering a Positive Attitude at Work

  • Smile often
  • Recognize others for their work
  • Have personal goals
  • Embrace Laughing
  • Create a positive work space for you
  • Stay out of gossip
  • Take breaks

Additional Resources

Learn more by visiting the Workforce Enrichment page on the CLP. Consider joining the NPS Mental Health and Wellness Group and read the article Mindfulness in the Workplace. Take this Positive or Negative Thinker Quiz from MindTools.

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