6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently

Travis Bradberry

Updated GOAL Academy


Know a great leader? What sets their leadership apart from the rest? According to Travis Bradberry, who is the co-founder of the emotional intelligence training company TalentSmart, great leaders embody 6 critical behaviors that make their leadership remarkably effective.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Know that improving leadership skills is within your control
  • Recognize that great leadership is dynamic
  • Recall 6 critical characteristics that great leaders exemplify

Dig Deeper

After reading the article, reflect on the following questions.  Jot down your thoughts.  Consider sharing this article with a colleague or a work group for an insightful discussion.

  1. Name one person in your life who demonstrates great leadership. (If you cannot think of any great leaders in your own life, name any leader – current or historical – who demonstrates great leadership).
  2. In your own words, what makes their leadership so remarkable? Which of the 6 behaviors mentioned in this article does this leader demonstrate?
  3. Which of these 6 behaviors do you demonstrate? How can you leverage this trait to be even more effective in the workplace?

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