508 Compliance on the CLP


On January 11, 2018, the CLP team hosted a webinar to discuss the Section 508 requirements that apply to the Common Learning Portal (CLP). The webinar hosts covered what must be done in order for all content types (documents, images, and multimedia) to be published site-wide to the CLP. The CLP team was also joined by a guest speaker, the NPS Section 508 Coordinator, Bernie Gordon.

Beginning January 18, 2018, new content which CLP content authors place into a Team Published status will be rejected for site-wide publication (put back into Pending Review status) unless it is 508 compliant. This webinar provides CLP content authors with the knowledge they need to properly prepare their content for publishing on the CLP.

Webinar Objectives

By the conclusion of the webinar, participants are able to:

  • Explain why content entered directly on CLP pages is 508 compliant.
  • List the specific instances in which CLP content teams must ensure their CLP content is 508 compliant.
  • Find CLP resources which explain how to make CLP content 508 compliant.
  • Use CLP resources to ensure CLP content is 508 compliant.

View the Presentation Slides

The presentation slides are located on OneDrive; you will need to be on the VPN/DOI network in order to access.

Additional Resources

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  1. Hi there…when I click on the link to view the recording, it only provides the slides. It seems that the links are the same for the recording and downloading the slide presentation. Is there a different link for watching the original presentation? Thanks, Joy

  2. Thanks for letting me know @joypietschmann! I’ve updated the link – it should go to the google folder now (in which there should be an MP4 file for the video and an ARF file for the transcript). Let me know if you have any trouble accessing it!

  3. Hi @joypietschmann! Thanks for letting us know about the bad link. Unfortunately, we no longer have the recording…it must’ve been lost in the transition between Google and O365. 🙁 I’ve changed the link to the presentation slides since the video file is gone. I hope this helps!

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