5 Writing Tips to Grab Your Learners’ Attention and Keep It

Hannah Hunter, Allen Interactions

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On average, Web users only read 28% of the words on a screen, even for content they are interested in. Knowing this, how can you make your e-Learning content powerful enough to instruct your audience and compelling enough to get them to read more?

This e-book by Allen Interactions provides 5 tips for grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention. It covers how to draw your audience’s eyes to the content that matters, sparking reader curiosity, creatively curating and presenting content and helpful models for organize content to help foster learning and retention.

What You’ll Find

5 Writing Tips to Grab Your Learners’ Attention and Keep It

  1. CCAF Your Onscreen Text: Context, Challenge, Activity and Feedback
  2. Limit Onscreen Text by Presenting Content Creatively: The more content on a page, the more likely a reader will skip text or have trouble taking it all in. Get creative and think strategically about how to present helpful but non-essential content.
  3. Create Curiosity With Your Headings: Use intriguing and creative headlines to grab your learners’ attention
  4. Highlight the Important Stuff With Visual Cues: Readers tend to scan the page for interesting elements; show them exactly what information is the most important using color, images and other cues.
  5. Add a Human Touch: We remember facts presented in a conversational tone better than dry statistics and data.

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  • Which of the provided methods do you find the most helpful when you are taking an e-Learning course? How could you use that method when designing your own e-Learning course?

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