5 TED Talks to Make you a Better Leader


What makes a great leader? Strength? Confidence? Maybe not. This article from Business News Daily features five TED Talks that will help you rethink your definition of and approach to leadership.

What You’ll Learn

After reading the article and watching the videos, you will be able to:

  • Think about anticipating change, building diversity, and being courageous enough to break from the past
  • Understand the habits of original thinkers and be inspired to implement them
  • Consider how through “lollipop moments” you can be a leader every day, everywhere
  • Understand how involving all members of your team in as many decisions as possible can lead to incredible success
  • Recognize that while rules and procedures are important, being able to know when not to be too rigid is an important leadership skill; finding a balance is critical to success

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Dig Deeper

After reading the article, reflect on the following questions. Jot down your thoughts. Consider sharing this article with a colleague or a work group for an insightful discussion.

  1. How well do you anticipate change? Are you spending time with the right people who will help you see around corners instead of living head-down?
  2. Are you able to find the balance between rushing into a project and procrastinating in order to find the best, original ideas?
  3. Are you able to focus on the little things that people do on a daily basis that can have an impact on someone’s life and recognize that those things are signs of everyday leaders?
  4. Are you the type of leader who focuses on ensuring that all of your people have the right data to be as successful as they can?
  5. Do you adhere to rules and procedures even when it may cause a lack of production or a project failure? Or are you able to know when you should let loose in the name of success and revisit policy later?

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