5 Surprising Tips to Help You Write Like a Pro


Every day we write. Emails, instant messages, proposals, reports, memoranda, and more. But how well do you communicate your message? In this Harvard Business Review article by Amantha Imber, the host of the How I Work podcast, explore 5 tips that will help you convey your ideas more clearly and with greater impact to the world.

The Learning Upshot

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Realize that you are a writer
  • Comprehend how writing influences your career trajectory
  • Experiment with 5 pro tips to improve your writing

Read the Article

Make It Actionable

Now it’s time to personalize it. Give this concept some momentum in the workplace and your own life by completing the following:

    1. List all the ways you write in your professional and personal life.
    2. Name one way you think your writing could be better and why.
    3. Think about your writing at work. On a scale of 1 to 5, rate yourself on how your business writing meets these best practices for professional written communications. 1 = almost never, and 5 = almost always
      • Clear and direct
      • Confident and assertive
      • Friendly and cordial
      • Focused and concise
      • Formal and factual
      • Avoids jargon
      • Mechanically sound
    4. Try it out for yourself. Choose one of the 5 pro tips from the article and apply it to a piece of business writing that you are working on.
    5. Reflect on this experience:
      • How did applying this pro tip affect your writing?
      • How did your attempt at improving your writing impact the receiver? (Take a guess or, better, ask for their feedback.)
      • How can you continue to improve your business writing?
    6. Bonus (optional): Try out all 5 pro tips for improving your written communications. After you have tried implementing all of these methods, reflect on these questions:
      • Which of these tips resulted in an identifiable improvement to your professional writing?
      • What did you try that you are going to keep doing?
      • How does better business writing affect your career? The organization?

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