5 Qualities to Look for in a Mentor


Having a great mentor can be life-changing so how do you differentiate a great mentor from a not-so-great mentor? In this Forbes article, author, speaker, and founding partner of Proteus, Ericka Anderson, shares 5 core qualities that make great mentors great.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • Recall 5 core qualities that great mentors exemplify
  • Reflect on other qualities that facilitate a positive and productive mentor relationship
  • Recognize people in your life who demonstrate these qualities

Please note: when accessing the article, use Google Chrome not Internet Explorer.

Dig Deeper

After reading the article, reflect on the following questions.  Jot down your thoughts.  Consider sharing this article with a colleague or a work group for an insightful discussion.

  1. Which of these 5 core qualities is most important to you in a mentor relationship? Why?
  2. Besides these 5 core qualities, what other qualities should a good mentor have?
  3. Reflect on leaders in your life. Name 2-3 people who demonstrate these 5 core qualities and any other qualities that are important to you.

Write a Review

  1. I LOVED this session!
    Many of us look to give the best of ourselves to our positions, but we have lacked a critical element. Many do not have a mentor. I have had people offer to mentor, but it turns out to be a box they check off, as they are not prepared when you actually want mentoring.
    This session taught me that not only do I have expectations of me,,,but I should have expectations of my mentor. Mind Blown!
    After this session I reached out to someone I wanted to mentor me, and not only did he say Yes, he has made concentrated efforts to be a good mentor. We ask EACH OTHER questions, and hold ourselves accountable.
    This goodness started with this assignment!


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